Alliance Service Solution

Don’t have the time or resources to run your own program? Let our health promotion experts be your Wellness Department. We will build a wellness program that fits your unique culture and needs.

A Virtual Wellness Program Administrator
Whether you are new to wellness programming or simply don't have the time or resources to run your own program, your personal dedicated Virtual Wellness Administrator is here to help. Let them set up and run team challenges and incentive programs that engage your population and drive positive change.
Motivation Alliance Technology Solution
Our Service Solution comes with the Motivation Alliance technology. Find out more about our powerful software here.
Quarterly Team Challenge Administration
Choose from 8 different types of challenges and a multitude of seasonal and general themes. You decide which challenge to run each quarter and we set it up.
Eligibility File Upload
Participants can enroll in the software by entering their data into the system or we can import data from an HR database so your participants only need to activate their account. It’s up to you how your employees onboard into the system and who you would like to include (i.e. spouses, other dependents or locations).
Annual Incentive Programming Administration
Let our health promotion experts build an incentive program that works hard to engage your employees. Our Wellness Program Administrator will use all the tools available in the Motivation Alliance to drive the company culture you wish to see within your company.
Monthly Participant Email Newsletter
Keep your participants up to date on what’s happening with your programming. We will design and create content customized to your programming to keep your participants engaged and in the loop.
Health Assessments
Capture the current state of your population with our detailed Health Risk Assessment/Wellness Profile. The Health-Related Productivity Loss Instrument (HPLI) is built in to give you analysis of productivity loss due to medical impairments. Part of a large population health analysis study by the University of North Carolina’s Biostatistics Department, our HRA is fully validated and covers all areas of wellness.
Mobile Engagement
Drive engagement, even when your people are on the go. With our mobile web app, participants can log steps, earn points, complete daily challenges, see their team ranking and contribute to their teams success all from their phone.
App & Device Integration
The Motivation Alliance connects with a network of over 200 apps and wearable devices like Fitbit® and MyFitnessPal.
Your participants can decide which products they would like to use and easily feed that information into our portal for a holistic look at all their wellness activities.
Participant Email Help Desk Support
If you participants have a question about their programs or the software, they will be able to email our help desk for immediate support during regular business hours. Our customer care is unparalleled.
Quarterly and Annual Reporting
Each quarter you will receive detailed reports on the results of the Incentive and Team Challenge Programs that are in place. At the end of year one your annual reporting will include system usage statistics, a wellness profile/HRA summary and results by answer report, analysis of HPLI presenteeism and absenteeism data. An HRA year to year comparison report will be available after year two with our program.
Other Options
Other additional options that can be added to your Service Solution include:
Check-In Module for fitness facilities
Site Branding Support
Single Sign On
Incentive Prize Distribution
Custom Work