Alliance Technology Solution

Our highly configurable DIY Motivation Alliance health promotion portal provides you with all the tools you need to design and implement a successful wellness program. Configure it for your population and create your own culture of health.

Game Mechanics
Games are fun!
They satisfy an innate human desire for cooperation, competition and achievement. Logging diet and movement, importing biometric data, tracking progress and other activities in the software earns participants points allowing them to level up and earn badges or incentive rewards.
When participants work together, they earn more points.
Social tools like message boards and team challenge chat rooms give the opportunity to be recognized for their achievements and inspired to do more.
Team Competitions
With a suite of team challenges including steps, minutes of exercise, weight loss and more, you can be set up and running in less than five minutes.
You pick the challenge type, duration and theme, and then press play.
It’s that easy.
Incentive Programming
Design your own incentive programs with optional multiple levels and rewards.
You have the flexibility to structure a program that fits your company and the populations you wish to target.
Mobile Engagement
Drive engagement, even when your people are on the go.
With our mobile web app, participants can log steps, earn points, complete daily challenges, see their team ranking and contribute to their teams success all from their phone.
App & Device Integration
The Motivation Alliance connects with a network of over 200 apps and wearable devices.
Your participants can decide which products they would like to use and easily feed that information into our portal for a holistic look at all their wellness activities.
Health Assessments
Capture the current state of your population with our detailed Health Risk Assessment/Wellness Profile. The Health-Related Productivity Loss Instrument (HPLI) is built in to give you analysis of productivity loss due to medical impairments. Part of a large population health analysis study by the University of North Carolina’s Biostatistics Department, our HRA is fully validated and covers all areas of wellness.
Communication & Collaboration
Good communication is the key to engagement and participation in any wellness program. Bulk emailing, customized page content and team challenge marketing collateral you can edit allows you to reach your members and boost engagement.
Messaging tools like the Journal and chat rooms in the team challenges keep participants interacting with each other and supporting each other’s wellness routines and goals.
Security and Compliance
Working with government organizations means we have passed some of the most rigorous security reviews in the world. Protecting your intellectual property and the health information of your participants is a priority and our security measures are built into the software from the start, not bolted on as an afterthought.
Flexible Administrator Configuration Panel
Our Administrative panel allows program directors to deeply configure the participant experience, prepare content, perform data analysis, send bulk e-mail, set up the enrollment process, import data files, place items on the calendar and utilize the extensive coaching interface. And this is just the short list of things you can do.
Want to design your own multi-tier incentive plan? Can do. With custom badges? Sure. Prefer to turn off your HRA? We’ve got you covered. Want to upload biometric data and feed it into your HRA? You have the flexibility to configure the functionality to your specific needs.
Reporting & Analytics
How can you know where you are going if you don’t know where you have been? The Motivation Alliance offers real time data analysis with a quick dashboard view of site usage and population metrics. Powerful dynamic query centers that let you filter by groups and export files give you powerful snapshots of where your program currently stands so you can plan out your best next steps.
Coaching Tools
If you want to provide a more high touch experience for your participants, the Motivation Alliance has all the tools you need to connect your members with your coaching staff, set up appointment or advertise events, track fitness assessments and import biometric information.
Help Desk Support
Does your current vendor call you to see how your program is going or to offer best practice tips from health promotion experts to increase engagement? Our customer care is unparalleled. We’re willing to bet not every wellness vendor will spend an hour on the phone walking you through the vast array of query and reporting features available to you. We’re here to help you achieve something great. When you succeed, everyone succeeds, especially your members.
Other Options
Other additional options that can be added to your Technology Solution include:
Check-In Module for fitness facilities
Site Branding Support
Single Sign On
Eligibility File Management
Custom Work